Cotton States CFA Cat Show - Manx Judging, 2016

Jean Brown
Manx kitten judging and some Manx premiership judging at the 2016 show in Duluth, GA Pureyell Chikarataro at CFA Cat Show. CFA Cat Show - Glendale, California. Fetching Manx Cat Best Ever. Blue British Shorthair kitten at a cat show. CFA Cat Show - Cotton States 75th Anniversary, 2013 MANX JUDGING. TICA Cat Show Judging. Funny Cats Scared of Random Things and Cucumbers Compilation! Valentine Cat Show Judging. Stars and Stripes Cat Show Norwegian Forest Cat Championship Class judging. CFA International 2016 - Red Show class judging Persian kittens.5. TICA Cat Show Judging. The Raya CFA Cat Show 2016. San Diego CFA Cat Show 2017 (Long version). K Cats CFA Show 2016 - Kuwait. Medina County couple will show Maine Coon cats at Cat Fanciers' Association show in Akron.

by Jean Brown