Cats jumping onto the wardrobe!

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Most cats enjoy being in high places. Whether it's a high shelf, a window perch or the top of the wardrobe, your cat may feel more comfortable in the upper half of the room where he can keep an eye on the world around him. SUBSCRIBE - Facebook: Blog: Twitter: Google+: Cat Perch for Window Sills and Windows - Kitty Cot™ - World's BEST Cat Perch™ - Cat Falls In Fish Tank. Mother cat and her two big sons! Cat Agility, Cashmere learning rebound !!! :D. Reni's Cat Tree. Funny Cats Jumping Into Owner's Arms Compilation || NEW HD. Cats Being Jerks 2016 [Epic Laughs]. Savannah cat guarding house from her 12 ft perch!! Sharon the cat jumping up onto high shelves. Toilet Paper Shredder --- Cat loves to play with toilet paper! Cat fell into aquarium ( Cat Fail } Funny Cat Video. leGrey enjoys her high refuge. Funny Cat Flips and Falls Off Bookshelf - Cat Fail ! How to Keep Your Cat Off Counters | Cat Care. This cat loves hide-and-seek games!