CATS 101 - Nebelung [ENG]

Nebelung cats are lively, playful, affectionate, good-natured, and intelligent. The cat's mild-mannered state and personality may not always reflect the relatively high level of intelligence often found in the breed. In spite of the fact that it is an active cat, it can live very well indoors. Nebelungs prefer their own families and often keep a distance from strangers. They tend to bond with a select few humans and stay loving and devoted throughout their lives. It is, however, a cat that gladly accepts company of its people or of another cat. Nebelungs are very good communicators and will remind their owners of problems. This happens often since Nebelungs can be very picky about things such as litter cleanliness and food type. Many owners of the Nebelung cats say that they can act more like dogs at times, being extremely loyal to their owner and family. It enjoys sitting in a lap and being petted and will follow its favorite person devotedly from room to room. This is a cat that likes routine and may require a little time to adjust to changes in the household. Early socialization can help it become more adaptable. CATS 101 - Havana Brown [ENG]. CATS 101 - Ragdoll [ENG]. Cats 101- Toyger. CATS 101 - Devon Rex [ENG]. CATS 101 - Napoleon [ENG]. CATS 101 - Siberian [ENG]. CATS 101 - British Shorthair ENG. CATS 101 - Sphynx ENG. CATS 101 - Oriental [ENG]. CATS 101 - American Shorthair [ENG]. CATS 101 - Colourpoint Shorthair [ENG]. CATS 101 - Domestic Housecat [ENG]. CATS 101 - Siamese [ENG]. Cats 101: Bengal. CATS 101 - Somali [ENG].

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