CATS 101 - Burmese [ENG]

Burmese are a notably people-oriented breed, maintaining their kitten-like energy and playfulness into adulthood. They are also said to have a number of overtly dog-like characteristics, forming strong bonds with their owners and gravitating toward human activity, often learning to play fetch and tag.[10] They are persistently vocal, in a manner reminiscent of their Siamese ancestry, but have softer, sweeter voices. Burmese are not as independent as other breeds and are not suited to being left alone for extended periods of time. European Shorthair | Cats 101. Cats 101- Ragamuffin. Burmese Kittens - 5 weeks. DOGS 101 - Pomeranian [ENG]. Porsche the Burmese Cat! Arabian Mau | Cats 101. CATS 101 - Pixie-Bob [ENG]. CATS 101 - American Curl [ENG]. CATS 101 - Oriental [ENG]. CATS 101 - Devon Rex [ENG]. Burmese kitten Maxut 15 weeks. Tonkinese - Burmese Siamese Cross - TICA Cat Breed. Cats 101- Cheetoh. Cats 101 - Japanese Bobtail. CATS 101 - Maine Coon [ENG].

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