Book | Ragdoll Cats. Ragdoll Cat care, personality, grooming, health, training, costs

Renato Peter
Get your free audiobook: Cats and Ragdoll cats in particular make very good pets. You will never feel bored when living with a Ragdoll cat. It is a playful cat that engages you all the time. The Ragdoll cat is very good with children, with whom it develops a very strong bond because of its playful and calm nature. I happen to have had parents who were very fond of cats, to a point where they kept different cat breeds at any given time. Our home was similar to a cattery. The experience of living with such diverse cat breeds, as I now realize, was very beneficial. Not only did I become fond of cats, I have gone a step further and ventured into breeding and showing cats.although I am fond of a few cat breeds because of their intelligence and attention that they seek and offer, the Ragdoll cat breed remains one of my favourites. Of all cat breeds that I have lived with and kept as pets, I have never come across a cat as expressive as the Ragdoll. Perhaps the joy of living with a Ragdoll cat is not only its beauty but also in its habit of collapsing in your hands as if it is lifeless. The person who gave it its name chose it cleverly to suit this cat. Covered in this book:General informationWhat to know before you buy Bringing your cat homeFeedingGroomingHealthBreedingThe aging catCostsGeneral tips and advice

by Renato Peter